Millenia Office

Millenia Office is an amenity rich cluster of three world-class campuses designed to facilitate a new paradigm of how and where people want to work. Located in the pristine setting of Eastern Chula Vista, this breakthrough work environment will empower businesses large and small to thrive as they pursue success on a local and global scale.


2  buildings – 318,000 SF Total

37,500 SF Floor Plates

4.3/1000 parking ratio

Designed to be a facility solution for unique and innovative educational users



1  building – 400,000 SF Total

Expandable to over 700,000 SF

10 floors, up to 47,000 SF Floor Plates

4/1000 parking ratio

A multi-faceted campus designed for research, office space, and/or regional hospital uses


4  buildings – 700,000 SF(+) Total

Expandable to over 1,000,000 SF

Mega floor plates connecting all four buildings

3.4/1000 parking ratio

A new mega-campus solution inspired by and designed for expanding technology users

Scale, flexibility, affordability…

15 minutes from Downtown San Diego.

The location of Millenia Office is truly its greatest strength. Located in the new urban hub of Eastern Chula Vista, Millenia Office offers a pristine environment for work. It is the only mega-scale campus opportunity available in San Diego and is a 15 minute drive to Downtown San Diego and within a 30 minute drive to the other major business markets in the city. This new location offers huge potential for economic advantage in real estate solutions, while offering all the amazing lifestyle opportunities of americas finest city.

Users at Millenia Office will be able to tap into a vast pool of talented and highly educated work force that is currently commuting north on severely impacted highways. The ability to work closer to home will save these employees countless hours and significant dollars which translates to increased productivity for employers.

Millenia Office is strategically located within the Millenia Master Plan in Eastern Chula Vista which has major construction in multiple districts under way. Millenia will be a vibrant walkable community anchored by food, retail, public parks, hospitality, business, and housing.

Sustainability and Wellness

The vision for Millenia Office is to create an ecosystem where the workplace and nature are mutually celebrated. The Think Campus, breaking ground in fall 2017, will set a new standard for the future of workspace where restorative design promotes health and wellness for occupants and the environment. It is slated to achieve LEED Platinum, as well as a Gold rating under the new WELL Building Standard, which places its emphasis on human wellness and experience.

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Marketing & Project Manager
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